380W 18r Beam Moving head light

Function Description

Technical parameters:
Voltage: C90-240V/50-60HZ
Power consumption: 600W
Lamp: YODN 380W or Philips 371W
Control system: DMX512, Music, , Automatic procedures
Control Channels: DMX512 16CH/20CH
Operation menu: LCD screen display.random replacement between English and Chinese
Indoor use:IP20

Tech Specification

Function description:
Color wheel: 14 color+open
Gobo wheel 1: 13 gobos+open(shake)
Prism wheel 1: 16 PCS prism(rotation),Can choose prism
Prism wheel 2: 24 PCS prism(rotation),Can choose prism
Pan: 540° , Tilt: 270°,16 bit resolution
Motor: Three-phase motor, low noise ,high-speed.
Strobe: 1-15 times/sec,Speed can be adjusted,Impulse effects and random effects.
Focus: beam 0-3.8°;.
The bulb can be controlled in the control station, and has the function of half power;
automatic overheat temperature control protection, when the equipment temperature abnormal rise, can automatically cut off the power supply of the bulb;
External SUB power supply, in the absence of electricity can be set address code ;
The folding hook is directly installed in the lamp body, lamp convenient (mobile version).
Frost lengs 0-100%.