Research & Development

This is the crucial phase right before we send your product into production.

The lighting professionals at TEANMA Lighting know how to light a stage, recital hall or amphitheater. Our stage lighting designs can adapt to changing briefs and pride ourselves on providing the highest international quality standards.

You may require a custom lighting module developed. This is usually costly and timely, requiring a lot of trial and error. Luckily we have been there before, this is what we do, let us save the time and money and develop the product for you.

Cost improvements

TEANMA puts great importance in producing efficiently, and cost-efficiently. Our product optimisation team makes sure we do both for every project.

Working alongside manufacturing businesses, our improvements are usually measured in terms of direct cost, typically from packaging materials, manufacturing labor and supply chain.


We offer 360° manufacturing services.Delivering high-quality raw material, assembly, packaging, and quality control solutions is the true core of our business.

Besides, we highly value well-coordinated work of our Service Department, which helps our clients to choose electrical equipment, sets it up, monitor equipment’s operating conditions and adjusts the equipment if needed.


TEANMA aims high when it comes to after-sales services. We make sure your product is ready to be shipped, treated with care, and delivered on time. Reliability is key in everything we do.

Moreover, being in control of the production process means we can work to tight timescales. We know how crucial it is to deliver the Stage Lighting when you need it – to help you deliver on time.

After sale services

We will follow up with our customers to find out how the sales of the product went. We will provide feedback regarding any warranty calls we may have received and will work with you to make any changes or improvements necessary.

TEANMA has 10+ years of work experience, which allows us to implement quick and competent maintenance service.